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Pancake House, Inc. is a modern, dynamic, and ever-growing force in the casual dining industry today. Having built its base as the first and only restaurant that offered pancakes and waffles to a market accustomed mostly to rice-based food, it continued to blaze new trails and steadily developed its house of brands to appeal to varying palates and age groups. It also expanded its network of outlets to reach more customers in key locations around the Philippines, and more recently the international market as well.

By successfully preserving the winning ingredients of its rich past while boldly innovating to whip up exciting new offerings for the present, Pancake House, Inc. has truly become more than just great pancakes. Today it is also the moving spirit behind the success of Dencio’s, Kabisera ni Dencio, Teriyaki Boy, Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak, Singkit, and Le Coeur de France. All together , these well-loved brands command a network of 174 outlets serving some 12.5 million meals in a year.