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There’s an amazing history behind the growing house of brands under the Pancake House, Inc. roof. Relive it through the following milestones that show, brand by brand and from year to year, how this house was built.


The original Pancake House was born.

Pioneering entrepreneurs Milagros Basa, Leticia Zamora, and Carmen Zaragosa introduce freshly baked pancakes and waffles in varied flavors and preparations to a predominantly rice-based consuming market.

The first restaurant opens in Magallanes, geared to serve the A, B, and upper C markets.


Sta. Rosa Food Services Corporation (SRFSC) is incorporated to handle the management and operation of Pancake House. Several years later, it would be jointly co-owned by another formidable company, Extrovert Inc.


The posh Ayala Arcade in Makati becomes the new home of the second Pancake House. Resounding market response spurs a third outlet at United Nations Avenue in Manila.


The first franchised outlet opens in Greenhills in San Juan.

Following this successful launch, more Pancake House outlets – both company-owned and franchised – open in strategic sites. The company expands its operations steadily, requiring the setting up of a central commissary to support the logistical and operational needs of the growing number of restaurants.


Another company, Extrovert Inc., is established to hold ownership of the succeeding Pancake House outlets.

January 2000 After nearly three decades, the Pancake House chain expands to different parts of Central Luzon. Out of a total 22 outlets, three outlets are situated in Laguna and Tarlac, while the rest are Metro Manila. Nine are company-owned and the others are franchised outlets.
February 15, 2000

Martin P. Lorenzo leads a new local investor group in the purchase of all of SRFSC and Extrovert’s operating assets pertaining to the Pancake House chain of restaurants. The new owners become known as Pancake House, Inc.

December 15, 2000 The bell rings as Pancake House, Inc. is listed at the Philippine Stock Exchange
June 2004

Four years after his successful venture in the casual dining business, Lorenzo directs the company’s brand expertise toward another pioneering brand: Dencio’s Bar and Grill. Pancake House, Inc. acquires Dencio’s from its owner Dencio’s Foods Specialists, Inc. (DFSI).


The Philippine Franchise Association awards Pancake House, Inc. as the Most Promising Filipino Franchise of the year.

October 2005

Pancake House, Inc. purchases 70% share of Teriyaki Boy chain of restaurants, another winner-in-the-making.


Pancake House, Inc. emerges as the Most Outstanding Filipino Franchisee of the year.

2006 Pancake House, Inc. reaps its highest recognition when it is awarded the Hall of Fame Award.

Pancake House Inc. opens its first overseas outlet in Malaysia.

February 8, 2008 Pancake House acquires Boulangerie Francaise, Inc. (BFI) and the brand "Le Coeur de France".
2008 Pancake House opens its second outlet in Malaysia.

Pancake House’s vivid past tells the story of how it toiled in an arduous climb to success with each step being a sure and calculated move towards bigger achievements. The present is filled with exciting and risky challenges as well as new and bigger possibilities. With confidence and purpose, the company is combining its learnings from the past with new competencies to bring out the best of the individual brands and reinforce their synergies.